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Dance Pose Shiva Tapestry Poster

Shiva Dance Pose Tapestry Poster Size - Embrace the Cosmic Dance of Transformation

Product Features

  • Embody the essence of SHIVA, the Lord of destruction and transformation, with this stunning tapestry.
  • Captures the cosmic dance of SHIVA, symbolizing the interplay of dynamic and static divine energy flow.
  • Represents the five principles of eternal energy - creation, preservation, destruction, illusion, and emancipation.
  • Poster size tapestry, measuring 29 inches x 46 inches, perfect for creating a captivating focal point in any space.
  • Versatile usage - use it as an ALTAR cloth to enhance your spiritual practice or as a captivating wall hanging art piece.

Product Benefits

  • Immerse yourself in the divine energy and symbolism of SHIVA's dance, promoting a sense of spiritual connection and transformation.
  • Elevate the ambiance of your home, meditation space, yoga studio, or any room with this captivating tapestry.
  • Handcrafted with 100% cotton, ensuring durability, comfort, and easy maintenance.
  • Enhance your spiritual rituals and practices with a sacred and aesthetically pleasing ALTAR cloth.
  • Adorn your walls with meaningful art, sparking conversations and drawing admiration from guests.


  1. Material: 100% cotton.
  2. Dimensions: 29 inches x 46 inches.
  3. Care: Hand washable for easy maintenance and lasting beauty.

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Embrace the cosmic energy, add a touch of spirituality and bring a piece of ancient wisdom into your home with this extraordinary tapestry with its intricate details and vibrant colors. ✨🙏

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