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Explore the celestial symbolism embodied in the SUN MOON STARS TAPESTRY, a 100% cotton masterpiece measuring 56" x 85". This versatile tapestry, hand-washable and multipurpose, reflects the essence of the sun, moon, and stars in intricate detail.


- Celestial symbolism: SUN, MOON, and STARS

- Crafted from 100% cotton

- Dimensions: 56" x 85"

- Hand washable in cold water, hang to dry

- Versatile use: wall hanging, beach blanket, throw


- Symbolic representation of celestial bodies

- Premium quality 100% cotton for a soft touch

- Generous size for versatile use

- Easy maintenance with hand-washable fabric

- Adaptable for wall decor, beach outings, or as a cozy throw

WorldTrendz Offerings

Elevate your space with the SUN MOON STARS TAPESTRY. Embrace the celestial symbolism and premium quality craftsmanship. Order now for a versatile decor piece that adds a touch of cosmic beauty to your walls or serves as a perfect companion for beach days and cozy evenings.

Sun Moon Stars Tapestry (Green Grey Mix Landscape)

Elevate your space with the Sun Moon Stars Tapestry in a captivating Green Grey Mix Landscape, blending celestial symbolism with earthy hues for a cosmic touch to your home decor.

Sun Moon Stars Tapestry (Multicolor Mix)

Immerse yourself in a burst of color with the Sun Moon Stars Tapestry in a vibrant Multicolor Mix, a celestial masterpiece that adds a dynamic and lively energy to any room.

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