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Tie Dye Duster w Pockets

Discover the benefits of our unique Tie Dye Cotton Duster with Pockets, including comfort, beauty, and versatility. WorldTrendz is proud to offer this must-have fashion piece that combines style with practicality.


Our Tie Dye Cotton Duster boasts an open neckline and front, POCKETS at hip length, and hits around the knee area. The TIE DYE technique and 100% cotton material make it both stylish and comfortable.


Stay fashionable while enjoying the convenience of POCKETS and the ease of washing with hand wash cold water and hang to dry. Available in three sizes: S/M FITS 4-8, L/XL FITS 10-14, and XXL FITS 16-18.


The Tie Dye Cotton Duster is hand-dyed, resulting in minor variations in color shades that add to its unique charm.

WorldTrendz Offerings 

Don't miss out on the comfort and versatility of our Tie Dye Cotton Duster with Pockets. Shop now at WorldTrendz.

Tie Dye Cotton Duster-w/Pockets Blue

Stay comfortable, stylish, and practical with our Blue Tie Dye Cotton Duster with Pockets. WorldTrendz brings you a unique and trendy fashion piece that you can wear on any occasion.

Tie Dye Cotton Duster-w/Pockets Rainbow

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with our Rainbow Tie Dye Cotton Duster with Pockets. WorldTrendz offers you a fashion statement that's both practical and stylish.

Tie Dye Cotton Duster-w/Pockets Black and Beige

Elevate your fashion game with our Black and Beige Tie Dye Cotton Duster with Pockets. WorldTrendz  has combined comfort and style to bring you a must-have fashion piece.

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Discover the versatility and elegance of the tie-dye cotton duster with pockets in rainbow hues.

Look stylish and feel comfortable with the Tie Dye Cotton Duster - perfect for any casual occasion.

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