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Discover the "Stone of Protection" – Tiger's Eye. Known for enhancing clarity, alertness, focus, and promoting calmness, it's a powerful gem that also shields against negativity. Boost determination, reduce excessive patterns, and invite good luck with this unique stone.


- Tiger's Eye, the "Stone of Protection"

- Enhances Clarity, Alertness, Focus, and Calmness

- Acts as a Shield against Negativity

- Boosts Determination and Reduces Excessive Patterns

- Brings Brightness and Optimism to Situations

- Promotes Good Luck and Prosperity


- Chakra: Solar Plexus

- Zodiac: Gemini

- Colors and Sizes Vary (Not an exact match to the picture)


- Sharpen your senses with the powerful Tiger's Eye

- Experience increased determination and reduced binge patterns

- Invite good luck and prosperity into your life

- Promote a positive and optimistic outlook

- Guard yourself against negativity and enhance clarity

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Unlock the benefits of Tiger's Eye. Order now for enhanced clarity, focus, and protection against negativity.

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