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ZEN Inspirational BANNER

ZEN Inspirational BANNER

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A ZEN affirmation banner designed to inspire inner awakening, made of 100% cotton with specific size dimensions. Introducing our ZEN Affirmation Banner: 


- Crafted from 100% cotton

- Dimensions: Height 48 inches, Width 18 inches, Length 46 inches

- Designed to add a soft appeal to your MEDITATION/PRAYER room

- An INSPIRING HOME DECOR ACCENT for any living space


- Inspires awakening and self-reflection

- Brings a sense of tranquility to your meditation or prayer room

- Enhances the aesthetic of your living space

- Made with high-quality, durable cotton

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Elevate your living space and inner journey with our ZEN Affirmation Banner. Order now to embrace the light within you!

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